English Literature 2022

  1. Directive utterances in Cinderella Movie 2015
    Published on 2022-10-19 Author: Yehezkhiel Andi Pranata
  2. Translation accuracy of noun phrase translation in the movie entitled “Raya and The Last Dragon”
    Published on 2022-09-12 Author: Septian Rohmawati Putri
  3. Reduction in the movie subtitle entitled The Boss Baby
    Published on 2022-09-12 Author: Gretty Yan Ari Dewi
  4. An analysis of commissive speech act in Movie Entitled Cinderella
    Published on 2022-09-02 Author: Mellynea Kezyta Nugraheni
  5. The translation ideology of frightening expressions in Edgar Allan Poe's short stories
    Published on 2022-09-01 Author: Flora Matahari
  6. Translation techniques of humor punches in Werewolves Within movie
    Published on 2022-09-01 Author: Rafaelino Pandu Iswardhana
  7. Commissive utterances in Kung Fu Panda 2 movie and their functions
    Published on 2022-08-30 Author: Kristina Desenta Wimmy Putri
  8. The translation techniques of the Directive Utterances found in the Green Book Movie
    Published on 2022-07-14 Author: Anisa Praulfi Belasiswanti
  9. Speech style used in Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show
    Published on 2022-06-09 Author: Oktavia Fransiska Ilenia